Bug in Multi Languages Configuration


One of the latest features of Dynamics 365 Portals is the multi-language portal capability. When I tried to create a new Website Language record, I faced an issue where, I couldn’t see any of Portal Language records to select in the lookup.

No Portal Language Record Found

To investigate further, I ran an Advanced Find query to get a list of Portal Language records.

Advanced Find - Portal Languages

Clearly, the data are there but for some reason the lookup doesn’t show the Portal Languages list.


I suspected, there should be a script to filter the lookup field’s results list.  I opened the Form Editor to edit the Website Language form. Opened the Form Properties and I noticed there’s a JavaScript function configured to run onLoad of the form.

Library: adx.multilanguage/adx.website.js

Function: adx.multilanguage.website.onWebsiteLanguageLoad

This function (onWebsiteLanguageLoad) calls another function (preSearchPortalLanguage) which configures the custom filter.

I disabled the script temporarily.  Saved and Published.

Disable JavaScript Function

Now you can see the Portal Language list.

Select Portal Language Record

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[Tip] Dynamics 365 Portals – Multi-Language Portal Configuration Issue
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