BPF Enable Security Roles


In Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM 2016, we can enable and configure security roles for Business Process Flows.  In Dynamics CRM 2016, this is how it looked like.

Dynamics CRM 2016 BPF - Enable Security Roles

In Dynamics 365, the same Business Process Flow looks like this.

Dynamics 365 BPF Lead to Opp - Enable Security Roles

Instead of showing the Modal/Dialog box which allows us to select the security roles for the Business Process Flow, the clicking of Enable Security Role button of the Lead to Opportunity Sales Process now opens a new window which shows a list of security roles.

Let’s have a look at a different Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365.  For example “After Meeting”.

Dynamics 365 BPF After Meeting - Enable Security Roles

Now this Business Process Flow seems to work as expected.


In Dynamics 365 for Business Process Flows which already existed in Dynamics CRM 2016, when clicking the Enable Security Roles button, it opens an incorrect window instead of displaying the Modal/Dialog box which allows us to select the security roles.  The issue seems to exist for new and old Business Process Flows.  But amazingly, the “After Meeting” Business Process Flow works as expected.

Workaround 1

Navigate to Settings > Security > Security Roles.

Open the security role you would like to configure.

Click Business Process Flows tab.

Select appropriate permission for each Business Process Flow.

Security Role BPF

Another Observation

Interestingly, the “After Meeting” Business Process Flow is not on the list.

Workaround 2

Thanks Thomas Guernier for the this tip.

You can use the direct URL to get to Security Role configuration dialog.


Replace <your_tenant>, <region_number>, and <guid_of_your_bpf> with your specific values.

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[Tip] Business Process Flow’s Enable Security Roles button issue after upgrading to Dynamics 365