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Recently, I had to reset one of the sandbox Dynamics 365 instances.  The Dynamics 365 Portal instance configured for the previously mentioned Dynamics 365 instance stopped working after the reset.


To resolve the issue, I had to reconfigure the Dynamics 365 Portal instance.

WARNING: Please back up your Dynamics 365 Instance before proceeding.

Step 1: Navigate to site, select the Portal Add-on entry and click Manage.

Open Portal Management

Step 2: Click Manage Dynamics 365 Instance

Open Portal Actions Page

Step 3: Click Update Dynamics 365 Instance button

Update Dynamics 365 Instance

Step 4: Select the same instance as it was before.  This will attempt to redeploy the solution and reconfigure the required settings.  Ideally, you should keep the rest of the settings as it was before but you can change this if required.  Click the Tick button.

Select Dynamics 365 Instance

Step 5: The following warning message will appear.  Click Tick button.

Reconfigure Portal Warning Message

Reconfiguration process may take some time.  Typically, the process would complete within an hour.

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Nadeeja Bomiriya is a Microsoft MVP, Chapter Lead – Dynamics 365 Saturday – Australia, President – Melbourne Dynamics 365 User Group, Technical Architect, and Dynamics 365 Practice Lead who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

[How To] Reconfigure Dynamics 365 Portal
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