Office 365 Admin Service Request

Ever had an issue with Dynamics 365, wanted to create a service request with Microsoft but didn’t know how? Here’s how.

All your service requests including technical, financial, and licensing related questions can be requested and managed from Office 365 Admin Portal.

Navigate to Office 365 Admin Portal –

Expand the Support menu item from the left menu and click Service Request.

Service Request Link

New browser window/tab opens –

You can see your existing service requests and their statuses.

Click the + button to create a new service request –

Create service request

Under Create a service request, click on Dynamics 365 –

Select Dynamics 365

Select the Feature you have the issue with.

Select the Symptom (If you can’t find the exact symptom, select something close to it).

Enter the Issue summary and Issue details.

Click Next.

Enter details of the service request 1

Review the suggestions.  If still can’t find the answer, click Yes, continue.

Enter details of the service request 2

Provide some additional details.

Is your service unavailable? Select from Yes, No, Unsure.

How many users are affected? Select from One user, Some users, All users.

Enter the email address of a person who is familiar with the issue.

You can also attach a file if you prefer.  This is handy to provide screen captures to the support team.

Click Next.

Enter details of the service request 3

Enter your email address and phone number and click Submit Request.

Enter details of the service request 4

Now the service request is created and you should get an email confirmation (this may not come immediately).

You can manage your service requests by navigating to this URL –

Click on the request number to see details.

Click on Notes, to Add Notes or Close Request.

Additional details 1

NOTE: This functionality existed for a while and was replaced by a different more chat like system.  The new system had mixed reviews and this new tenant I created had the old functionality enabled.  I noticed that there are other tenants which still use the new system.

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[How To] Create a support request for Dynamics 365 issue from Office 365 Admin Portal