Create Self-Signed SSL Certificate

When setting up a Development or Test environment for Dynamics 365, one of the most common requirements is to configure SSL certificates for Dynamics 365 Server, ADFS, and/or a Portal such as Adxstudio.  While in Production environments, you MUST use proper Certification Authority issued SSL certificates, often we use Self-Signed certificates in lower environments.

There are many ways to create Self-Signed certificates and the method I prefer to use is the MakeCert.exe command.

Where to get MakeCert.exe?

The MakeCert.exe tool is packaged in Windows SDK. You can download Windows SDK from below link.

Install Windows SDK

Run the setup. Click Next.

Install Windows SDK 1

Select No and click Next.

Install Windows SDK 2

Click Accept.

Install Windows SDK 3

Click Install.

Install Windows SDK 4

Create Certificate

Open Command prompt as an administrator.

Set the date (in this example 01/27/2018) to 1 year from today.

Set the CN (in this example CN=portal.dyn365apps.local)

Export Certificate

Export the certificate to a file path so you can then import it into your Server(s).

Click Start button and type MMC.

Open MMC

Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in.

Add Remove Snap-in

Select Certificates and click Add.

Select My user account.

Click Finish.

Click OK.

Add Remove Snap-in - My user account

Browse to Personal > Certificates store, right click the cert, click All Tasks > Export.

Select Certificate

Follow the prompt to complete the wizard.

Click Next.

Export Wizard 1

Select Yes, export the private key (This is optional.  You can select No, if you prefer).

Export Wizard 2

Select Export all extended properties. Click Next.

Export Wizard 3

Enter a password.

Export Wizard 4

Enter path to save.

Export Wizard 5

Click Finish.

Export Wizard 6

Click OK.

The certificate is now saved in the specified folder.  You can copy this to relevant servers and install it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to install under Current User and also under Local Machine.  You need to install it in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Certificate Store to avoid browser errors.

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[How To] Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate to use with Dynamics 365 Infrastructure Setup
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