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Dynamics 365 Portals can be configured to display content using multiple languages.   Currently 43 languages are supported out of the box and additional languages can also be configured.  In this article, I will walk you through the steps to configure the portal to include new language.

Add Record to Supported Languages

First step is to associate a supported language with the Website record.

Navigate to Portals > Websites.  Open the Website record to be configured.

Click on the + button above the Supported Languages sub grid.

Add Supported Language

This will open a new form to create a Website Language record.  Type the language you would like to configure in the Portal Language lookup field.  In this example, I will add German language.  Select the language from the list.

Note: There’s a bug in Dynamics 365 where no records will be displayed in the lookup.  Please see below article which describes a workaround.

[Tip] Dynamics 365 Portals – Multi-Language Portal Configuration Issue

Website Language Record - Add Portal Language

Select the Publishing State as Published. Click Save and Close.

A new Supported Language is now added to the list.

New Supported Language

This action will trigger background processes which creates new records for the given language.  For example, Web Link Sets, Web Pages will be created automatically.  We would need to update the content of each of the records but most of hard work is done for us.

Records Created Automatically

Let’s configure a page to display relevant content in multiple languages.  In this example, I will configure the Knowledge Base Home page.

Configure Localized Web Page

Navigate to Portals > Web Pages and open the Knowledge Base Home Web Page.  You’ll notice, there’s new sub grid called Localized Content.  Open the German Knowledge Base Home Web Page.

Edit Localized Web Page

Copy the existing text, which is in English, and used Bing Translator to translate it to German.

Copy the German text and paste it to Copy (HTML) field.

Add Localized Text to Copy HTML

Restart Portal

Restart the Portal.  Below article explains the steps.

[KB] Dynamics 365 Portal issues? Try restarting the portal

Restart the Portal

Let’s navigate to Knowledge Base Home page.  You’ll notice on the URL the en-US language tag.  You can change the language using the Language selector.

Language Selector

Let’s select German (Deutsch).  You’ll notice the URL’s language tag changed to de-DE and content changed to German.

Content in new language

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[How To] Configure Multiple Languages in Dynamics 365 Portals
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