How To - Add Schedule Board to Unified Client Interface (UCI) based Field Resource Hub App

Unified Client Interface (UCI) is one of the most exciting features of Dynamics 365 v9.0.  There are few Apps comes OOTB built using UCI –  Customer Service Hub, Project Resource Hub, and Field Resource Hub (FRH).  While the new UI looks fantastic some of the Apps don’t include all the features we enjoyed on the Web Client … yet.  For example, in the Field Resource Hub App, Schedule Board, Hierarchical View of records, Booking Recurrence dialog, Convert to Work Order button, Resource Calendar are missing.  The intention of this version of the FRH seems to be to support mobile users and not to replace the Web Client.  If you are impatient like me, then in this post I will show how to include the Schedule Board into Field Resource Hub.

Create a new solution

It’s always best to create a new solution and add the required components when you make changes.

Add Field Resource Hub App.

Add Field Resource Hub App


Add Field Resource Hub Site Map

Add Field Resource Hub Site Map

Modify Field Resource Hub Apps’ Site Map

Double click on the FRH App to open the App Designer.   Then click on the arrow next to the Site Map tile to open the Site Map Designer.

Open Site Map Editor

Click on the My Work group to add a new Subarea.  Click Add and then click Subarea.

Add Sub Area

Select Web Resource from Type drop down list.  Select the URL ScheduleBoard.html.  Type Schedule Board in the Title field.  Click Save.

Now click Publish.

Add Schedule Board

Open the Field Resource Hub and Schedule Board is now enabled.

Field Resource Hub - Schedule Board

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[How To] Add Schedule Board to Unified Client Interface (UCI) based Field Resource Hub App