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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, recently released an interactive COVID-19 (Coronavirus) interactive website.

When I stepped through the self-assessment, I wondered, how quickly can this be implemented using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.  I reverse-engineered the logic and implemented a comparable solution using Power Virtual Agents.  The implementation and preliminary tests took less than 1 hour.  Of course, the requirements were 100% perfect and analysis work was already done.  I would expect any custom developed solution may take much longer development effort and may require development effort to update the solution.  Since Power Virtual Agents is fully configurable and easy to use, updates can be done within minutes by trained business users.  This is extremely useful in highly dynamic scenarios such as COVID-19 Pandemic where federal and state governments change the rules on a daily basis.

Test out the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Bot.  Type “hi” to get started.

The complete design of the Bot is as below.

Disclaimer: The bot is created to demonstrate the capability of Power Virtual Agents product and not intended to replace DHHS tools.  Please refer to the DHHS website if you would like to perform a self-assessment of COVID-19.


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Nadeeja Bomiriya is a Microsoft MVP, Chapter Lead – Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Saturday – Australia, Sri Lanka, Committee Member – Melbourne Dynamics 365 User Group, Technical Architect, and Dynamics 365 Practice Lead who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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COVID-19 Self-Assessment Bot using Power Virtual Agent
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