Updating Dynamics 365 Records not Invalidating Cache in Portal


I was called to investigate a strange issue with an Adxstudio Portal solution I configured few months ago.  The portal users in this system are preconfigured and can login using ADFS.  I had created two workflows to enable and disable portal user access.  The issue reported was that portal user disable workflow which used to work, is no longer working. This is an internal system that is isolated from outside world.


I ran the workflow, which updated the contact record to clear out Username field and also removed the associated External Identity record.  Workflow was working fine.

Then I thought, may be the Adxstudio Web Notification plugin may not be firing. But that was also triggering correctly.

I was quite puzzled at this point and decided to check if I can still access Adxstudio Portal site from within Dynamics 365 (CRM) server. I entered the Adxstudio Portal URL on the browser and SSL certificate warning was displayed.

Root cause

Alarm bells started ringing as soon as I saw this warning.  Finally a clue.

Bit of background – My client uses an internal Certificate Authority for SSL certificates. Due to the delay in getting the SSL certificates, I created and used self-signed certificates and documented and advised the client to update the SSL certificates once they receive the “real” certificate.

When client received the certificate, the Adxstudio server was updated with the new certificate but Dynamics 365 (CRM) Server was not. Although, the certificate was issued by an internal CA, Dynamics 365 (CRM) Server was sitting on a different network which didn’t trust that CA.  Therefore, calls from Dynamics 365 (CRM) plugin to Adxstudio to invalidate cache, failed.  Since cache was not invalidated, from Adxstudio point of view, portal user was still active.


I installed the new SSL certificate on Dynamics 365 (CRM) server’s Local Machine – Trusted Root Certification Authority.  Now when triggering the workflow, cache was invalidated and User was logged out immediately.

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Nadeeja Bomiriya is a Microsoft MVP, Technical Architect, and Microsoft Solutions Delivery Lead who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

[SOLVED] Updating Dynamics 365 Records not Invalidating Cache in Portal