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Microsoft recently introduced on-demand backups feature for Dynamics 365.  This article walks you through the steps to create a backup and restore the system from a previously created backup.

Navigate to and login to Office 365 Admin Center.

Expand the Admin Centers menu on left pane and click Dynamics 365 menu item.  This will open Dynamics 365 Administration Center in a new tab/window.



Click on the Backup & Restore tab.

From the Backups for drop down list, select the instance you would like to backup.

Click New Backup button.


Enter a name for the backup in the Label field and a description in the Notes field. Click create.


Depend on the size of the instance, it may take several minutes.  My brand new instance’s backup only took less than  30 seconds.

You can Edit and Delete the backups you created, but you can’t Edit or Delete system created backups.

According to Microsoft documentation, system created backups don’t count towards your storage limits.  I thought this meant that user created backup will count toward the storage limit.  To test it out, I created multiple backups but available storage amount remained unchanged.  You can see the storage used, from the area just below the Restore button.

System creates backups daily.  All backups (System created and User created) are retained only for three days.



You can only restore a backup to a Sandbox instance.  If you want to restore a Production instance, you need to first switch the production instance to a Sandbox instance (See how to here – and then perform the restore.  You need a spare Sandbox licence to perform the switch to Sandbox.

Click on the Backup & Restore tab.

Select the backup you would like to restore.

Click Restore button.

Note:  If you don’t have a Sandbox instance, the Restore button will be greyed out.


Now, click on the select target button and choose an instance.


Note: Only Sandbox instances are available to select.

Click select button.


Click next and click Restore to initiate the restore.

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[How To] Create a backup and restore Dynamics 365 (Online) database

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