Dynamics 365 comes with many ways to search for information.  While Advanced Find feature is a great way to create specific search queries to find exactly you are after, most of the time users want to search for something quickly.  There are three ways to perform quick searches in Dynamics 365.

Global Search

Global Search

Relevance Search

Relevance Search

Quick Find

Quick Find

OOTB entities comes pre-configured with some fields as searchable but you may want to add more fields and also add fields of custom entities.  This article describes how to configure additional fields searchable in Global, Relevance, and Quick Find searches.  The configuration is common for all three methods, therefore, the results should show up for all search types.

Note: Relevance Search has some restrictions on number of fields and therefore may not show results for all fields configured.

Configuring Search Fields

Follow the steps below to include additional fields for each entity to be searchable.

Navigate to Settings > Customizations

Click Customize the System

Customize the System

Let’s configure the Account entity.

Under Components, expand Entities > Account

Click Views

Open the Quick Find Active Accounts view

Quick Find View

Click on Add Find Columns

Add Find Columns

Select the fields you would like to add and click OK.

Add Find Columns - Select Fields

Save and Publish.


Let’s have a look at an account record. Email and Email Address 2 fields are populated.  Before the configuration, searching Jacobs (email address 2 value) didn’t return any results.  But after the configuration, it successfully returns the expected result.

Account with email addresses

These are the result before adding additional email address fields.

Test Before Configuration

These are the results after adding additional email address fields.

Test After Configuration

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[How To] Configure searchable fields for Global, Quick Find, and Relevance Search in Dynamics 365

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