How To Add Emojis to Schedule Board Booking Cell

Emojis.. They are everywhere… Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and tons of other social networking and messaging app users use them daily.  It’s fun and effective way to share emotions 😀🤣😡🤬😔🙁😬😰, food and drinks 🍕🍔🍎🥑🥥🍉🍌🍹🍻, travel and places 🚲🚑🚒🛩️🚀🏭🏜️, symbols 🛑✅🕔❤, and more.  But are they useful in a work environment other than for fun?


I had a requirement to show additional information on a Booking cell of the Dynamics 365 Schedule Board.  Yes, I could customise the cell to show additional information but it’ll be a lot of text inside a small cell.  Users will have to read the information inside each cell and it’ll be too much information and won’t be a good experience for the user.  What if there is some critical information we need to highlight?  Medical condition, priority, risk level, radiation level, depth, or any other important information you need to show regarding the booking to the scheduler.  What if we can make it easier for the scheduler to view the information?



We can customise the schedule board’s booking cell.  But how do we add Emojis?

Step 1 – Create new OptionSet Fields.

OptionSet with Emojis

Step 2 – Add OptionSet fields to the form and assign a relevant item.

Record with Emojis

Step  3 – Modify the Booking Template of the schedulable entity.

First, select the Tab to be modified, and click the settings icon.  Different Booking Templates and other configurations can be configured for each Tab.  Then click “Open Tab Settings” button.

Select the tab and settings button


Next, expand the “Schedule Types” section, select the schedulable entity to be modified, and find the Booking Template field.  Add the following code.  Click Apply.

Please explain what {vel_vel_appointmentactivity_bookableresourceb.vel_safetylevel} means? 🙏

Glad you asked.  You start with Bookable Resource Booking (BRB) entity.  If you need to show a value of a field in BRB entity, simply use the field name.




Duration – {duration}

If you need to access record related BRB entity, then you need to first type the relationship name then dot then field name of the related entity.



You can access deeper level fields as well.


Safety – {vel_vel_appointmentactivity_bookableresourceb.vel_safetylevel}




Resource -{}

The final result of the above change will look like this.

Schedule Board Bookings with Emojis


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[How To] Add Emojis to Schedule Board Booking Cells
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